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The big clock in the train station displayed the time 20:20. Our train was about to depart in the next 12 minutes. “Let’s get on the train and settle down; all I want to do is sleep until we reach London”, hubby said. I didn’t oppose the idea because there wasn’t much to see anyway, as it was dark outside. Moreover, we both were after work and needed plenty of rest before tomorrow.

There weren’t many passengers on the train, and we had the luxury of having a whole coach. Hubby helped me secure our backpacks in the overhead compartment, and we sat opposite each other at a table. It looked like both of us spent time chatting rather than napping.

My husband started humming some songs when the idea popped into my head— “ Let’s play Anthakshari”, I said. Honestly, my singing is the worst. But we have known each other for so long now that I know this for sure— that he won’t leave me for my bad singing.🙈😉 If I say we enjoyed it, it would be an understatement, except for my singing part (Thank God, the coach was empty🙈).

The time passed without us knowing, and we reached London. As we got down the train, I was content. “That was a first”, I thought. In the past nine years and a half, we played games like badminton and carrom and, on a few occasions, coin games at the casino, but Antakshari never crossed our minds. Isn’t it wonderful that we keep exploring the fun side of us now and again?

Much love ❤️ God bless🙏

~Chinchu Gibu

P.S. People ask me why don’t I get tired of London, and I say every time I visit London, I find something new and different from the last time. Though I have a list of places in mind, I know I may not cover them all, and that’s absolutely fine. As long as we love what we see and thoroughly enjoy, the rest doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to explore; see you soon with stories of London.. ❤️

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I am Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. I am a writer/ blogger with a vision of spreading positivity and good cheer to the world and a Clinical Research Nurse by profession, working in Cancer Research. The creative side of me adores nature, humanity, romance and emotions; while the professional side of me works on research protocols and evidence-based practice. When a feeling, a moment, a thought or a memory touches my heart, it flows as words. I do it with passion; I do it with love. Yes, it is my profound thoughts that I would like to think a bit louder, so I could share a piece of it with the outer world.


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