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Word on the Water #londonbookbarge #londontraveller

I read about the Book Barge in London recently and was curious to see the place, a bookshop on a 100-year-old Dutch barge permanently moored in the Regent Canal Towpath. I woke up in the morning with a mission —and that was to see “Word on the Water”.

The weather was pleasant in the morning, and we knew it was rain in the forecast for the afternoon. Rain in London is never a surprise; it pours in all seasons and doesn’t bother the crowd. We took the central line and got down at Holborn for the Picadilly line to Kings Cross. We had enough time to grab breakfast before we headed to the Book Barge.

It was a short walk from Kings Cross station to the barge. The day was still young; only a few cyclists and walkers/joggers were on the Regent Canal Towpath. I stood in awe, taking in the beautiful exterior. Some books were displayed on the deck, and the outdoor stage indeed imparted a great ambience for a musical evening. Hubby said, “You go in and explore; I’ll wait outside.”

Word on the Water

I walked in and was welcomed by a breathtaking view —books of various genres arranged uniquely. One corner of the interior is ornamented with a kettle on fire that reminds the Victorian era. There are areas for seating, cushioned and non-cushioned, should you wish to sit down a minute or two to enjoy the view or even read a couple of pages, all keeping with the vintage decor.

A much closer view 😍 don’t miss the kettle in the corner 😌

I found a couple of books of my interest, as I came out. I was content, and admiring the idea of this bookshop in water and of course, the person behind it. Who would have thought of finding some of the best books of times floating in the water?

…and some more
… no words to describe 😍
..and the deck!!

Much Love ❤️ God bless 😇

~Chinchu Gibu

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  1. A kettle on fire! Lovely! Thanks for video.

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