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Seven Dials Market: Cucumber Alley—a foodie’s paradise #londontraveller

After taking in the beauty of Neal’s Yard, we incidentally walked into the Seven Dials Market. My husband said, let’s go in and see what this place offers. I smiled and nodded as I thought, “Why not”? And you won’t believe it; we stepped into a foodie’s paradise.

Cucumber Alley is an excellent place for street food lovers to visit at least once. I wasn’t too keen on street foods once upon a time, but the day I tasted panipuri, my perception changed—all thanks to Romy, my college friend. She used to say street foods taste better in street stalls, not in posh restaurants.

We strolled around to see different stalls that sold various International cuisine. I love watching people most subtly without them noticing. The way they relish food, the way they enjoy chats with other people and the way they laugh naturally between conversations they share. A habit I nourished for the stories I write. And Romy calls me a ‘stalker’ for this.

We did have panipuris and pepper chicken wrap; no matter where we went, the taste of India followed. Then we saw this Ice Cream stall, but we were not keen to order ice cream. Instead, we had ‘charcoal coconut chocolate bubble milk tea’, a refreshing drink that agreed well with our taste buds.

I couldn’t believe the crowd in the market, considering it was a weekday. But all I saw were happy faces enjoying the dishes before them. Is it my perception, or have you all noticed that since covid, people started to live their lives and appreciate every little joy that comes with it?

Much Love God Bless

~Chinchu Gibu

Taste of North India 🇮🇳
Panipuri (aka Golgappa)
And the door leads to…

P.S. As always, London never ceases to amaze me with its hidden wonder, which I gladly explore every time I pass this city.

2 responses to “Seven Dials Market: Cucumber Alley—a foodie’s paradise #londontraveller”

  1. Panipuri there too? It’s favourite, especially of ladies.

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    1. Of course, we have Panipuri here..😍

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