LOCKDOWN: A Tale Of Trapped Minds

It’s been a while now that anything exciting has happened. Life was just limited to work and home. No outings, no dine outs, no window shopping, no chill outs with friends, no moving at all. Since the lockdown life has come to a standby. It felt robotic, as though an external force controlled every movement,Continue reading “LOCKDOWN: A Tale Of Trapped Minds”

A walk through the Pandemic..

It’s getting a bit too strange right now with the virus around. Looking into the uncertainty Amelia gazed into the empty road ahead. She been driving back home from work. The spring season is here. Indeed a beautiful sunny afternoon. The rapeseed flowers are blooming in the fields on her right side. Usually this routeContinue reading “A walk through the Pandemic..”


I was amazed to look through your eyes, The little world of yours under the skies Seeing Your fondest memories fade away, By Leaving behind those feelings to stay I’ve seen you smiling, I’ve seen you tearful, Quite often, I have even seen you fearful I may not understand the way you feel, But definitelyContinue reading “Dementia: MY PERCEPTION THROUGH YOUR VISION”