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Happy Birthday dear Brother ❤️

Siby, my dear brother:

Thinking of you, makes me feel the same way as quoted by Jane Austen in her novel Mansfield Park,

”What strange creatures brothers are!”

Isn’t it true? It is indeed.

Shall we take a stroll through the memory lane?

Okay, come on then.

Do you remember..

Back then, we walked to school-bus stop holding hands together. We had so much to talk about on our way that no person or thing could distract us or break-into our little bubble.😊

Back then, after a mid-term examination, as usual mummy was going through the question paper with you, and you gave her all answers. Mummy was happy, but what you said afterwards made us all dumbfounded, ”But mummy, I felt too sleepy that I didn’t write it all.” You know what, am not surprised at all, you still can do wonderful things like this.😆

Back then, I used to try recipes that were published in ’vanitha’ magazine, and you were my guinea pig who always appreciated my skills. Now, though I got your brother-in-law here, I still miss our little experiments and mummy’s scoldings for finishing her ingredients.😋

Back then, you used to call out for mummy or me from outside to pick a thing which is kept on the table in the same room as you are. And later when you told me that you would like to join the army, I knew it wasn’t your cuppa tea and reminded you of the unique attribute of yours which is beyond ’peak of laziness’.😝

Back then, we were too noisy having fun with our pillow game at home, and mummy would angrily come out of the kitchen to scold us, but we always remained at the same side of the argument. That was quite cute, and I giggle even now thinking of the same.🙄

Back then, we used to play cricket in the car-porch, just the two of us. No rules mattered, neither the number of players nor the 22-yard pitch, as we played in our terms and it was still cricket for us.😂

Back then, do you remember the evening, we were at the dinner table, with candlelight as it was the usual 30-minutes power-cut time, you broke a piece of news that papa and I were stunned hearing it, but mummy joined with the fun. I still could laugh my head off, thinking about your serious discussion.🤣

Back then, you weren’t as tall as now, I proudly had my head high being your elder sister, as you looked up at me. But as you grew taller, it’s never the same again, as I somehow failed to catch up with your height.🤭

And many more..

I am confident that wherever you are, your thoughts and prayers are always there, no matter how much pressure the distance and circumstance can put in our lives.😊

I know you bear no grudges against me, no matter, how much I tease or pick a fight with you or even reveal a secret of yours. I feel great to enjoy this privilege. ☺️

Even though I love the way you pity your brother-in-law for bearing with my unreasonable ways and unbearable artistic ideas, and takes his side during our little conversations, don’t you feel too lucky that I forgive you every time? (kidding)🤨

On this special day, I just want to say, you are amazing as you are, and we are proud of you. 🤗

We wish you all joy and blessings on your special day.. May God be with you..😇


🥰We love you 😍

Much Love ❤️

~ Chinchu Gibu

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