“Me messing around with colours again”

Yesterday I decided to open my sketch book again, which I owned when the pandemic started last year. I took refuge in colours to kill my ‘excess’ time. I don’t dare to claim to be an artist, but you don’t need a ‘designation’ to mess around with colours I suppose..

Colours are therapeutic, and you can’t go wrong with it. Even if you did, there are plenty options to make it better again. The ultimate goal is whether the actual process made you happy or not, and if it did, it worked.

I managed to mess this twice by splashing excess paint on my paper and my clothes, but still it turned out to be reasonably ‘enjoyable’ to me. We don’t necessarily need to excel in something to derive pleasure in doing it.

Much Love

~Chinchu Gibu

🛑 I won’t take responsibility for what you see !!
Let me try this !!
What’s missing??
🙊 I feel good 😌
And again I tried !!
Wont give up, Will you??
That’s all for today guys !! B
ye for now 🤗

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