Different Shades of the Sky

Travelling is one of the many things I love to do. Though covid put a break to our little trips of pleasure, I reminisce on the good old days, go through the pictures and try to relive the moments.

It includes our regular Sunday drive in the countryside, our enthusiastic train journeys with the Two-together rail card to most England destinations, our repeated getting lost on the London Underground, our adventurous tram tour in Dresden, and our exhausting long-haul flights home.

All those expeditions we had together imparted us the most beautiful memories to cherish.

Being on a plane for long hours is not my favourite of travels, but its spectacular views are mind-blowing. Watching the sky a bit closer reveals its breathtaking shades.


I like to believe that the ankle in which we see things can be interpreted differently.

We look up with hope, hoping that one day we are going to reach for the stars,

We look down with gratefulness, thanking for what we have in our hold,


We look ahead with ambition, keeping an eye out on the road to our destination.

I’ll let you guys hold on to the thought. Have a good Friday 😍

Much love ❤️ God bless

~ Chinchu Gibu

N.B. Didn’t realise the time, I am off to work; it’s time for my bus.

Up above the clouds 🥰

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