My Profound Thoughts

Simple yet subtle.. Profoundly silly yet thought-provoking.. Sums up life..

I know I can’t thank you enough 🙏🙏🙏

I woke up in the morning, to the comforts of the hand that wrapped around me, beneath the warmth of my quilt and it reminded me to say thank you Lord for the companion in my life, my loving husband .

I looked out of the window, to see the blanket of snow covering the ground, and as I leaned in to take the view, the warmth of my radiator reminded me, to look up and say thank you Lord for the home I been blessed with.

I was getting ready for work, and as I was done, I looked at my image in the mirror and gave myself a satisfied smile which reminded me to say thank you Lord to let me wake up to see another beautiful day.

I got ready and went to the kitchen, I took a sip from my cuppa and as I applied butter on the toast and topped it with scrambled eggs, it reminded me to say thank you Lord for the food on my table.

I walked to the bus stop, and on my way, I spoke to my parents, who always brings the best of me and it reminded me to say thank you Lord for having them and their constant prayers that strengthen me.

I got in the bus to go to work, and I was greeted by a group of colleagues from different areas of work, and it reminded me to say thank you Lord for the lovely people around me in this unfamiliar world.

I saw a patient at work who gave me a card which wrote, ‘thank you for taking great care of me in the past year’, and it reminded me to look up and say thank you Lord for the purpose in my life, to bring hope in people’s life.

I finished work for the day, as I returned home, I spoke to my brother and sister-in-law, and we had plenty of laughter and fun that reminded me to say thank you Lord for giving me siblings and the great bond we share.

I was relaxing in my couch in the evening, when I got a phone call from my college friend, who lives in a different time zone and it reminded me to say thank you Lord, for the friends that stand by me in time of need.

I had my dinner and said my prayer, then as I retired to bed with my better half, I was reminded to say thank you Lord as I cannot thank him enough for all the great things He has done for me.

Much Love ❤️ God bless 😍

~ Chinchu Gibu

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I am Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. I am a writer/ blogger with a vision of spreading positivity and good cheer to the world and a Clinical Research Nurse by profession, working in Cancer Research. The creative side of me adores nature, humanity, romance and emotions; while the professional side of me works on research protocols and evidence-based practice. When a feeling, a moment, a thought or a memory touches my heart, it flows as words. I do it with passion; I do it with love. Yes, it is my profound thoughts that I would like to think a bit louder, so I could share a piece of it with the outer world.


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