What does Norfolk mean to me ..

Waking up in the morning seeing Norfolk skies,

Has obviously been part of my day to day life.

As in it’s beautiful nature all my happiness lies, 

With a mind full of serenity, that is free of strife.

The culture and customs and the people I see

Though a bit reluctant and reserved to mingle 

Has always been welcoming and good to me

Making me feel at home, learning the wrinkle

Each and every stone here has a story to say,

Of the wars they witnessed in historian days

With a sigh of relief and a thoughtful dismay,

And a message of peace, in the core it conveys.

The sandy beach, the shoreline I walk along

Enriches my soul,with the music of its waves

Like a careful note, of a well composed song,

By soothing and satisfying my inner craves.

The cathedrals in Norwich, the churches we find,

Gives the community, a better place to gather.

And Walsingham pilgrimage is one of its kind,

Which binds different communities like no other.

Oh my dear Norfolk, you mean so much to me,

Sandringham or Sheringham, your beauty I adore,

Be it your Broads, Or the North Norfolk sea,

The nature is abundant in you, deep to its core.

PS: Written in July 2018 as part of Norfolk Day Competition. Read it again today and felt to share it. I wish that once this pandemic is over I shall once again be able to enjoy the beauty of Norfolk..

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