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The Girl on the train

“Hey, is this the first-class coach?” I asked as I entered the train to the girl sitting at the left-hand side window seat. As she answered me, I settled myself on the empty seat at the right side, and my hubby sat opposite me.

I love my little journeys, and I don’t mind where I travel to, but who I travel with.

For the past eight and half years, I have had my personal favourite co-traveller who joins me happily or occasionally with little disapprovals that I know very well to handle by now.

I love the face to face seating on the train because it is lovely to be at a table with changing sceneries, especially when it involves a lot of chatting and enjoying the beauty around.

The girl at the window seat was a solo traveller. Though I spoke to her initially, we got so engaged in our chit chats that we ignored the outsider. I am not against casual talking with people, but I wasn’t sure whether she was happy to have company.

We got distracted as she had a phone call, her voice and way of talking reminded me of a friend. A bubbly friend of mine who talks non-stop but never makes you feel bored. She sounds exactly like her, we said to each other.

And a few minutes later, we found ourselves having a conversation. That was indeed fun, somewhat bizarre, and throughout our journey, we had endless talks as if we had known for a long time.

I didn’t realise I had made a friend during this trip, which astounded me. We meet interesting people as we travel; some leave while others remain, but this is life as I see it from my unique stance.

And a week later, my phone rang, and it appeared on my screen, ‘the girl on the train’. I smiled at myself at how much more dramatic I could be. It’s not that I didn’t know her name, but it is just me being me.

She said, “I had a hectic week at work, but I remembered you guys as I boarded the train”. And I replied, “ you know what, I got a story to write this week, and that’s about you.” We both laughed, slipping into more chatters.

Life can be weird sometimes. On one side, I started getting used to friends acting like strangers while strangers become friends.

Much love ❤️


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