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Mommy Did You Know…?

When I look myself in the mirror, I see the deep gaze of my mother. The love, the gracefulness , the endurance, the empathy, the care, the knowledge, the passion, whatever goodness that emit from me is from you, my mother. Apart from you being my comforter, my motivator, my well wisher, my strong pillar and my fortress in my life, there are some little yet great things I always cherish in heart, in every moment of my life that’s from you.

So mommy let me reveal some of my little secrets I have in heart for you:
Mommy, do you know what I think, why I developed my craziness to words..? I know that you loved reading novels so much, probably when you conceived me, you read too much..
Mommy, I know it’s you who held my hand to write my first words. I know that was Psalms 23, that I learned first to read and write. Today when I write my profound thoughts, I know it is from you, where I began my love to the beauty of words. And as I promised, one day I will make you proud with this and this is my prayer..

Mommy, remember as a child, when I was afraid to go in the dark, you taught me to remember this verse from Psalms 23,
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Do you know I still repeat this words in my heart when I feel frightened.

Mommy remember those sleepless nights of yours when I struggled to breathe and could not sleep lying down (due to asthma), I always slept on your shoulder and kept you awake. And your special homely herbal concoct mix, made of tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum/ Holy Basil), and turmeric, carefully made with your main ingredient of love in it, which was the best remedy for my fever and cold. And do you know when I get ill here, and I try making my own herbal remedies, and I realize the main ingredient of your love  is what I needed the most.

Mommy, I know there were difficult times in our life too, being blown and tossed by the storm of trials, but the way you held tighter to God, (even though I didn’t understand it then) I am just amazed. Do you realize that today when I have to face my life trials, I feel the strength and positivity because you showed me how to live through it, by trusting in God and holding him tight.

Mommy, remember the palm leaf (we receive on Palm Sunday) you tied to the plant (the Moringa plant in our back yard, which you brought from Tamil Nadu and everybody said it won’t bear fruit, because it is replanted in different soil) that wasn’t bearing fruit and then one morning you woke up to see that it not only bore fruit, but the best fruit. And when we get unwell the holy anointed oil you apply on the affected area and pray to make us feel better. In all your little actions like this, even though more that palm leaf or the oil, what I see is your faith. (You always remind me of the woman who touched the robe of Jesus in the crowd, and Jesus turned to her to say, daughter your faith has healed you). You don’t realize how it influenced me to deep root my faith in God.

Mommy, I know and I heard you talking proudly of us, your children to others. And tomorrow, if God is willing to give me my own child, do you know how proud I will feel to teach your grandchild all those wonderful things you taught me.

Mommy, today when I look through the rear view mirror of my life, I realize how blessed I am for having you, for you made me a human being worthy enough to be in this world. I thank God every day for I feel favored and blessed to have you as mine.. Much Love .

~ ChinchuGibu

(P.S. It’s Mother’s day today in certain parts of the world, even though we dont need a special day to celebrate our lovely mothers, I felt it is worth it. I wish all the lovely women out there a Happy Mother’s day)

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